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Our goal at Lotus Place Recovery is to address the challenges unique to each individual client, and approach each using the latest and most innovative treatments available for those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our mission is to play an integral role in the development, knowledge, skills and attitudes of each patient, ultimately setting the stage for long-term success in life & sobriety, while addressing the issues that are most pertinent to each individual patient. This is far more than just another “residential drug rehab center,” Lotus Place Recovery is a “Residential Treatment Experience” that offers a more affordable recovery option while simultaneously creating improved success for client and family, and on multiple levels!

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Addiction Treatment

Lotus Place Recovery recognizes individual needs by offering PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program, Outpatient Treatment and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)…

Dual Diagnosis

The best treatment results are achieved when both the disorder (i.e., PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.) and the actual drug or alcohol addiction are treated together rather than one after the other…

Sober Living

Well-structured and upscale sober living recovery housing in Orange County, CA designed to create and strengthen life-long foundations in sobriety for both men and women…

LGBTQ Program

Providing targeted and customized addiction treatment services for the LGBTQ community and always striving to achieve higher success rates with respect to long-term, high quality sobriety…

Why Choose Lotus Place Recovery


Highest standard of quality care for those suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health disorder or dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorder…


Affordable, integrative and highly effective addiction treatment atmosphere that redefines the traditional residential drug model…


A multi-disciplinary treatment approach designed to help individuals create richer and freer lives, free from substances and addiction…

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Beyond just another drug rehab center!

Lotus Place Recovery isn’t just another of the many Southern California drug rehab centers that offer standardized, one-size-fits-all treatment programs. This isn’t just about treating the addiction or mental health issue, it’s about treating the many potential underlying occurrences that contribute and perpetuate the overall condition. As being among Orange County, California’s leading residential drug rehab centers, we take on a principal role within the scope of behavioral health & addiction treatment, which entails going above and beyond that which has become an all-too-common standard industry wide.

We also offer specialized in-depth trauma treatment for those dealing with complex PTSD, sexual abuse, family wounding and even a specialty LGBTQ program. Our clients receive weekly individualized therapy unique to their developmental and emotional stability. Our trauma program focuses on related behavioral difficulties that emerge from trauma such as impulsivity, sexual acting out, self-destructive actions, and emotional regulation difficulties such as rage, depression and panic disorders. In addition, clients partake in a weekly trauma art process that focuses on helping clients use non- verbal skills to facilitate trauma resolution. We believe everyone deserves a meaningful life without the use of drugs or alcohol, and that it is very possible no matter the background a person comes from!

Effective & Affordable Residential-Style (PHP) Treatment